Looking back at these previous four weeks researching on this project, I have found that problems such as stuttering and other speech disability issues are things that are hard to “solve” sitting home but one thing that we can all take part in doing is networking the issue. With multiple sources available for us to use including Twitter. We can easily implement the thoughts of many school faculty including principles and assistant principles. In fact Id say that it is easier to make change sitting at home then in person at the school because of the requirement of appointments before meeting facility. With small steps such as networking via social media. I believe that we can spread the knowledge and need for speech aiding technology in schools.

I believe our community and generation still has a lot to learn about the issue of stuttering in schools and the technology needed to assist with it. In fact I think I myself have to do a lot of research still about it. The main fact that I would like to spread to schools and students around America is that stuttering is not gonna be stopped by having advising and counseling, but instead it can be “helped” by using patience and aid through care and technology availability.

I would like future students to ask similar questions to their genius hour projects. Some of them can be using questions such as What specific technologies assist students with stuttering issues? Or, What facilities can be added to metro area schools that aid with self confidence in students with disabilities. It is important that everyone who reads my research to pick up the great compassion I have towards these students. Most of this comes from my own past. I hope that more advances are made in technology with speech disabilities and the advancement is shared among most schools, even ones with low budgets.


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