Interview with high school senior

With research for my Genius Hour Project coming to a near close, I realized that I needed to step up my game with finding more unique material to showcase on this blog. I think that what better way to get incite into K12 then by interviewing a recent high school grade who has recently witnessed the high school system. To do this i interviewed by cousin, Zeniya Jalia who recently graduated high school. When I asked her about my genius hour research topic on technologie’s role in speech disability in K12 education she said that my school is doing nothing but letting counselors help students with speech disabilities at school.

I was shocked when I heard this response form my cousin because when  I was in K12 education, school used to assign students with speech disabilities like me a speech therapist that also did the job of counseling. She also said in her interview that she remembers my struggles in school with speech and hopes that Dr. Kingston, the counselor coordinator to improve the system to help facilitate students that stutter.

The next question that I asked her was what you would do differently to encourage group learning amoung students that stutter. She said that the best way to do so would be to require students to attend their speech class and increase knowledge of the problem among all chlildren. She said that students are not dumb and we can only blame them for a situation  if they have already been educated of it. I agreed with this statement of her. Talking to her gave me great hope for my further research . I hope to gain additional incite in to the matter with my next post.


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