Applications as a Band Aid

Hey Guy! Kicking this day off Id like to say that over the course of this blog, I have not only learned a lot about my topic but also realized how problems in society never get solved and are left in a pile of “to do” for a while. However, I think that along with concrete technology another aid that speech disability can get from technology is the use of applications. One example of this is invidianAID. invisianAID is an app that is used to smooth out speech when used to dictate speech.

Speech technology is mostly used when the user is able to speak into a device to translate into more clear sound or words. This can be a problem if a student is not able to speak clear enough for the machine to understand. This is where apps like invisianAID for Window and Android comes in. This app is currently off production, however it expects to be back on the app stores by November of 2018. This can be applied to use in many situations for students and can add to their productivity in classroom.

Overall I think that students struggle with speech disability is seen among generations and is something that can not be changed with the production of apps like these, however technology and applications like these can help form a band aid for wounds from year of bullying. The best way to gain back self confidence in students is through small changes such as applications.




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