6th Genius Hour post

As my genius hour project comes to a near holt this Maymester, I would like to thank everyone who complemented my project and gave me helpful critique regarding the concern. After thinking about how I would like to present my project to the class, I have decided to either use the smores application to make a flyer type display or make an actual poster and explain it on video. I have not decided which one of the two, however I am leaning more towards the physical poster video. I think talking in person gives me a chance to explain my project better than just pictures and words on a flyer.

For grading purposes of my blog, I would like to be reviewed using the following rubric I found online. This rubric was used on another Genius Hour Project and I believe does a fair job at critiquing my work. I have provided the rubric below.

Uniqueness- 20%. Are there signs of individuality shown in the project?

Organization- 20% is the information presented in a clear and orderly manner?

Grammar and Structure-  20% Are there important errors that sway the reader away from the theme of the project. Are the grammatical mistakes repetitive?

Interest- 20%  the student show obvious signs of interest in the matter? Does it look like he or she did some background research?

Commitment- Were the posts posted in a timely manner? And did the student show good signs of improvement throughout his posts?


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