Digging into the problem

This would be my third genius our post and yet I feel I am only on the surface of the problem. Of course I can not work towards ending this issue, however with some research and networking using social medias such as twitter I am able to find a potential long term solution with a short term insight. Beginning off my research I started looking on local school databases such as Galileo and yes, Wikipedia. However while searching on Galileo I found a particular article that I got star struck by. Even though this article does not show what we would act on to aid students with technology in assisting the problem, it helps us get a better picture of what students going through various speech disabilities may be going through. A link for this resource is provided below.

While finding sources like these are important in my mission towards understanding the problem. It does not help with solving the issue. As I did some additional “digging” I found possible technologies that may help students find it easier to communicate in class. A source that helped me a lot with this was Stuttering Electronics. I came across this article while surfing on Wikipedia, It talks about technology such as the Speech Sonica, which is used to smooth out words when reproduced through microphone, Even though some of these technology may be used in extreme cased among children, it is a great tool to have in my project. It feels great to realize that many sources such has the two I found (provided below) are in relation to my genius hour project.

I found that the more I dug deeper into research, the more I found a way to explain the problem I am researching. When I initially volunteered to take on a genius hour project about technology effects on speech impairment in schools, I was confused as to in that direction my project will take. However, i am now certain that now in the future, I am looking forward for many hope for change and technological advancements that I hope to post on my page in the coming future.





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