Why I choose my Topic?

Hey Guys! For my first post on this blog I would like to discuss why I choose the topic of speech impairment technologies in education. The main reason for it was because of my own stuttering problem. Ever since I have been in elementary school, I have had a stammering problem that resulted in multiple situations in which I was not able to equally take part in all classroom activities such as reading out loud or presenting history projects to class. While growing I never thought about technologies use in reducing the stress of living with different forms of speech impairments. I believe that use of different types of technologies that we will discuss in this blog will not only benefit K12 education over time by increasing equality and productivity of those with speech problems but will also spark a form of hope for many suffering through the some of same stressors as me.

Who does this blog gear towards? Well, I believe that this blog gears towards mostly but not only students with a variety of speech of problems along with teachers and K12 and college level education. Teachers reading through this post and acting on it will help benefit the lives of these students. Both students and teachers can also spread the word of these advancements in current and future technology and work towards increasing budget of a particular institution. This is very important as an increased interest in the field will result in an increase of the use of of technology or method. This is why I believe that along with students and teachers, I think everyone should read and pass the word and its significance to others.

Finally, the initial resource which I will use to research various forms of technology assisting these student is the Stuttering Foundation <http://www.stutteringhelp.org/resources&gt;. This is because I have always been a fan of their numerous resources in availability for stuttering. I will also use twitter as a massive tool for communication and some accounts I like to follow are @gimpgirl and @disabledcanada . I will try to use hashtags such as #speechdisability and #speechequality. Both of which are currently trending on twitter with many important information.


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